Dating To Relating - From A To Z
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About the author:

Mr. L. Rx is the author of the Dating To Relating website (www.DatingToRelating.com – the Internet’s second most popular “dating tip” site for men with over 500,000 unique visitors per month) and the author of the eReport “How I Got 700 Dates In One Year.”     

In his fifties, Mr. L. Rx has some times been called the “Observational Guru” rather than a “Dating Guru” as it is his ability to observe throughout his fifty plus years of experience that allows him to share dozens of unique dating and relationship strategies that apply to different personality types and different situations. 

Unlike other “Gurus” who give you one strategy that works for them and then apply it to “all men or women,” Mr. L. Rx acknowledges that people have different personalities and that different personalities require different strategies. 

Mr. L. Rx’s techniques and strategies work for any man no matter what he looks like. Mr. L. Rx points out that he personally has had thousands of dates with beautiful young women in his forties and fifties whereas in his teen years and early twenties when he was a hot-looking young man in his prime, he couldn’t get a date. 

Mr. L. Rx teaches men and women his unique “observational technology” which allows you to develop your own situationally correct strategies for your own situation and personality in addition to Mr. L. Rx giving you dozens of already tried and proven techniques of his own. 

Mr. L. Rx believes that successful relationships develop from sane dating habits and technique, and that communication, observation, and create are the foundations of a successful relationship. 

Mr. L. Rx is a firm champion of monogamy when in a committed relationship and a firm believer in “multiple dating” when not in a committed relationship. 

Mr. L. Rx believes in family values and is the proud father of four children (three girls and a boy.)

Dating To Relating – From A To Z

(A Man’s Guide To Understanding Women)

By Mr. L. Rx 

Dating To Relating is a complete guide for men. You will learn how to meet women, attract women, pick-up women, seduce women, establish a relationship, relate to women and marry women. 

Dating to Relating is not a simple “Numbers Game” strategy that tells you to go out and do something over and over again that you are totally uncomfortable with. Instead is gives you a number of situational strategies that you can use immediately for different personality types and different situations. It also gives you a dating technology which teaches you how to develop your own “dating strategy” unique to you, your personality, the personality of the women you are interested in and other situational variables. 

There is nothing else like Dating To Relating on the market. Nowhere else will you find a book that will take you all the way from meeting women to marrying them, and nowhere else will you find a book with both dating and relationship strategies and dating and relationship technologies.

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Dec 15 2007
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 Dating To Relating - From A To Z

List Price: $39.95   

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